Anton Cetin<
1964. ZAGREB, Croatia, Umjetnicki paviljon
1965. SLOVENJ GRADEC, Slovenia, Peace, Humanity and Friendship among Nations, Gallery of Modern Art
1972. KRAKOW and other cities in Poland, N. Copernicus and his thought, Museum of Modern Art
1973. MONTE CARLO, Monaco, V Palme d'Or des Beaux-Arts, Galerie Charles Despeaux, Palais de la Scala
1974. BROCKTON, U.S.A., American Printmakers' 26th Annual, Brockton Art Center
MONTREAL, Canada, Canadian Painters-Etchers and Engravers' Annual, Art Gallery Sir George Williams
1976. TOKYO, Japan, The First International Art Friendship Exhibition
SPLIT, Croatia, II biienale suvremene hrvatske grafike, Umjetnički salon
1977. NEW YORK, U.S.A., Weintraub Gallery
1978. PARIS, France, Enrichissement du Cabinet des Estampes 1974. - 1978.
Bibliothèque Nationale de France
1979. MALAGA, Spain, Colectivo Palmo, International Print Exhibition
1982. TORONTO, Canada, The Rothmans Permanent Collection, C. N. E. and the Koffler Centre of the Arts
SEOUL, S.Korea, III International Miniature Print Exhibition, Space Art Gallery
1983. CADAQUES, BARCELONA, MADRID, Spain, III International Miniature Print Exhibition
1984. MELBOURNE and other cities in Australia, International Miniature Print Exhibition
1985. LODZ, Poland, International Exhibition of Small Graphics
CABO FRIO and other cities in Brazil, II Cabo Frio International Print Biennial
1988. CRESPANO DEL GRAPPA, Italy, Biennial of Contemporary Art "Antonio Canova"
1989. TORONTO, VANCOUVER, CALGARY, Canada, Exhibition of Croatian Art
1990. OTTAWA, Canada, Artists' Books -
Made in Canada VI, National Library of Canada
1991. MIYAZAKI, Japan, Gallery K
OKAYAMA, Japan, Mizutoki Gallery
NAGOYA, Japan, Gallery Express
1993. HONG KONG, China, Art Asia '93, Convention Centre
1995. WATERLOO, Canada, Aaron Gallery
1996. ATLANTA, U.S.A., Croatian Contemporary Art, Olympic Games
1997. ZAGREB, Croatia, Croatian Horizons, MGC Klovićevi dvori
2000. SHENZHEN, China, Shenzhen Fine Art Institute & SHANGHAI, China, Museum of Modern Art - International Graphics
2001. NICE, France, Point K Gallery
BARCELONA, Spain, Circulo del Arte
2002. OTTAWA, Canada, Gallery Telpaz
2003. MEXICO CITY, Mexico, Centro Histórico
2005. APELDOORN, Holland, CODA Museum